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Notice to Pay or Quit

A Notice to Pay or Quit is legal notification to a Tenant that rent must be paid or the Landlord will initiate actions to recapture the premises. Our Notice to Pay or Quit document is easily customizable to your situation and is effective for all jurisdictions. Click here to find out your States notice requirements

A Proof of Service form is an essential form used to show the court that a copy of the Notice was sent to the Tenant. The proof of service must be attached when filing a complaint. For your benefit, we are including a Proof of Service with your Notice to Pay or Quit Form.

Accurate and detailed answers to the questions will ensure a better quality final document. You will be able to come back to this page and edit your answers, change other details or omit some or all of the information. Should your local jurisdiction require additional laws and statutes and you choose not to enter it in this question page, we will print the agreement with additional space for you to fill in the information at a later time.

Other Tenant Notices:

Full Name:
Zip Code:
How many payment periods has the Tenant missed?
First period in which rent was not paid:
Amount Due in this period: $
Has the Tenant made any partial payments during the above periods? Yes No
Date of original Lease:
Number of days notice to pay rent in full days.
Agreement Signing Date:
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