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ACMG Enters Into First Sales Contract
03/03/05 6:30pm

GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- American Consolidated Management Group, Inc., who develops and markets natural plant products, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Nu Specialty Foods Group, LLC, located in Graham, North Carolina, whereby Nu Specialty Foods shall purchase a special blend of Sunutra(tm) powders for incorporation into their biscuit product line.

The products consist of frozen unbaked biscuit dough, frozen baked biscuits and biscuit dry-mix. Nu Specialty will possess the exclusive right to manufacture these products with Sunutra(TM) for a period of three years.

Nu Specialty is a specializes in supplying school lunch programs and certain fast food chains across the U.S. ACMG is continuing to negotiate with other food manufacturers and hopes that additional customers will be entering into similar agreements. All agreements, including the Nu Specialty contract, require the maintenance of confidentiality of this Company's technology, and a covenant not to reverse engineer that technology. Prior to the finalization of any agreements, each potential customer is required to execute and deliver to ACMG a confidentiality agreement as well as a material transfer agreement. Other firms have executed such agreements and discussions and testing are now ongoing.

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